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You are welcome to get to know KCSH better, a business group composed of several companies. Though our subsidiaries focus mainly on construction material wholesale and retail, we also have our own construction team and enjoy a good, widespread reputation in the hardware and construction industry.



Over the years, KCSH has participated in many well-known construction projects. With the supply of quality building materials and the delivery of well-established construction projects, KCSH has won the trust of many customers to promote a sterling track record and a stable growth for the Group.


Group Structure 集团架构:

KCSH owns four companies, all of which are concerned with the construction sector. Although they each have their own independent businesses, they complement and support each other seamlessly. Parked under the same roof, all four companies jointly use the ‘KCSH’ trademark. Appended below are the four company profiles:


• KCS Marketing Sdn Bhd (1075505-T)

• Koh Contract & Services Sdn Bhd (1009913-W)

• SH Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd (913237-Y)

• KSC Logistic Sdn Bhd (1082791-M)


KCS Marketing Sdn Bhd (1075505-T)

KCS Marketing Sdn Bhd, founded in 2011, primarily supplies building materials of the highest quality at the most affordable prices, gaining the golden reputation as a retailer and supplier of building materials that is highly trusted by many building contractors.

KCS Marketing Sdn Bhd成立於2011年,是一家建筑材料供应商,一直凭着“品质优良,价格公道”,在零售和建筑材料供应上赢得口碑载道,更是许多建筑承包商信赖的建筑材料供应公司。

Located in Malacca in Malaysia, KCS Marketing is the authorized dealer of several reputable building material brands which are well-known in the Malaysian construction business, including BOSTIK, Stosea, Sika, Penten, Mapei, CLP, Corkjoint, Cemkrete, Warriors, E-Mix etc.

KCS Marketing公司座落於马来西亚马六甲,并取得多个建筑材料品牌授权代理,这些牌子都是大马建筑领域熟悉的畅销品牌,包括BOSTIK, Stosea, Sika, Penten, Mapei, CLP, Corkjoint, Cemkrete, Warriors, E-Mix等等。

In addition to representing the above brands, we are also an exclusive agent in Southern Malaysia for BOSTIK, the top-selling building material name in the whole of Europe. We stock and sell a wide, comprehensive range of BOSTIK building materials.


Below is an account of all building materials that we supply:

  • Building material
  • Waterproofing
  • Flooring system
  • Grouts
  • Acrylic additive & epoxy adhesive
  • Tiles and stone work
  • Concrete & toilet repair
  • Plastering & render
  • Injection systems
  • Curing compounds & chemicals
  • Sealants, silicone & application guns

Koh Contract & Services Sdn Bhd (1009913-W)

Established in 2009, Koh Contract & Services Sdn Bhd is a building contractor that undertakes projects including concrete repair and waterproofing, and is highly renowned for its engineering quality.

Koh Contract & Services Sdn Bhd成立於2009年,是一家承接工程的建筑承包公司,承接的工程包括混凝土(Concrete Repair)和建筑防水(Waterproofed),并以工程品质精湛见称。

Projects undertaken by Koh Contract & Services include:
Koh Contract & Services承接的工程项目包括:

  • Concrete repair project 混凝土修复工程
  • Building waterproofing engineering 建筑物防水工程
  • Floor engineering such as epoxy flooring. 地坪工程,例如“环氧树脂”地面工程。
In terms of concrete work, we specialize in concrete repair projects of residences, commercial buildings, public buildings and so on, all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru.

我们的混凝土主要是承接修复工程为主(Concrete Repair project),包括住宅,商业店楼,及公共建筑物等,承接的工程范围从吉隆坡至新山。

For waterproofing work, we do waterproofing repair work for individual property owners as well as all new construction projects, the primary targets of which include contractors and developers.


In terms of professional certification, we have been given a ‘G3’ rating by the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDB), and all our projects and materials are covered by a warranty* to accord quality assurance.


*The project warranty period is determined by each contract, while the building materials are given a 10-year warranty period per supplier provision, e.g. in the case of BOSTIK waterproofing materials.


Engineering Superiority 工程优势

Over the years, Koh Contract & Services has undertaken many types of projects of various scales, and has participated in many well-known domestic construction projects. All these commissions came about because we exhibit the following advantages:

在过去,Koh Contract & Services承接过不少各类大小工程,也曾参与多场国内知名建筑项目。我们於业界获得工程委托,全因我们具备了以下的优势:

  • Supply of building materials: we have the strong support and full backing of KCS Marketing Sdn Bhd. to provide Koh Contract & Services with the best quality building materials.
    材料供应:在施工材料方面,我们有KCS Marketing Sdn Bhd作为强势後盾,在优质材料供应方面全面支援我们Koh Contract & Services.
  • Construction team: we have been building a huge construction team consisting of about 50 skilled workers for a long time so that we can cope with more than 10 projects at any one time.
  • Rich experience: our construction team is not only exquisite in craftsmanship but also shows tremendous team spirit. At any one time, there are plenty of staffs to mobilize to achieve timely work progress, with overtime thrown in if need be.
  • Project completion ahead of schedule: comprehensive supply of materials and sufficient manpower, coupled with experienced project planning, enables us to meet and even surpass the expected completion deadline for every project.
Participated Projects 参与工程

In the past, Koh Contract & Services has undertaken numerous construction projects, the most recent of which include the following:

在过去,Koh Contract & Services承接过不少工程,而近年参与过的建筑工程包括以下项目:

  • Tri Tower Johor
  • JBCC Johor
  • Amansari Hotel Johor
  • M Condo Johor
  • Honda Melaka
  • Aik Cheong Coffee Melaka
  • Straits Courtyard Melaka
  • 8 Residence Melaka
  • Masjid Cina Melaka
  • Casabella Selangor

SH Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd (913237-Y)

SH Engineering & Construction, an aluminum engineering company, was set up in 2009 to provide retail, wholesale and customized aluminum doors and windows. We offer construction services together with our aluminum building materials, which come in a variety of standard sizes and a wide range of styles.

SH Engineering & Construction成立於2009年,是一家铝业工程企业,提供门市现成铝门窗零售,批发,客制化定做,备有多种标准规格现货,款式选择繁多,全面提供铝建筑材料及施工服务。

We undertake all sorts of aluminum construction projects, including aluminum doors and windows, sliding doors, mosquito screens, curtain walls, glass pergolas, aluminum facades etc., with key targets that include building contractors and end users.

我们承接的铝建筑工程,包括铝门窗,滑动门,蚊纱窗,玻璃幕墙(curtain wall),玻璃凉棚,铝质幕墙(Facade)等等,客户对象包括建筑承包商,及终端用户(end user)。

SH has various grades of aluminum and glass for customers to choose from. At the same time, we have our very own exclusive factory which specializes in the customization of various aluminum building products (including glass collocations) to fully meet customers' requirements for aluminum construction or decoration.


We supply the following aluminum product series and collocations:

  • Aluminum & glass
  • Aluminum windows
  • Aluminum & glass doors
  • Aluminum louvers
  • Glass canopies
  • Bathroom
  • Accessories

KCS Logistics 2014 (1082791-M)

Founded in 2014, KSC Logistic Sdn Bhd (1082791-M) is a professional logistic and freight forwarder with a solid reputation in the industry, so renowned that it has become the designated logistic company for many enterprises.

KSC Logistic Sdn Bhd(1082791-M)成立於2014年,是一家专业的物流货运公司,在业界获得良好信誉和口碑,也是许多公司指定的物流公司。

We have quite a number of 40-ton trucks that specialize in the transportation of hardware and construction materials, driven from Kuala Lumpur (Central Malaysia) to Johor Bahru by professional drivers to deliver goods to various destinations, thereby winning the trust of many customers.